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July 21, 2019

Be physically active

Aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. Being physically active contributes to a healthy lifestyle which can reduce your risk of cancer. If you need to Consult the best oncologist in chennai contact us

Avoid too much sun

Skin cancer is the most common cancer but it is also one of the most preventable cancers. Avoid too much sun and make sure you are SunSmart by:

  • Seeking shade between 11 am and 3 pm.
  • Covering up by wearing a T-Shirt with a collar and sleeves and a sun hat with that gives shade to the face, neck, head and ears.
  • Wearing wraparound sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Wearing sunscreen with minimum SPF 30.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause at least seven types of cancer: those of the mouth, gullet (esophagus), throat (pharynx and larynx), liver, large bowel (colon and rectum), and breast.

Not drinking alcohol is better for cancer prevention. If you do drink alcohol, limit your intake of alcohol. There is no ‘safe’ level of drinking, but the risk of cancer is lower the less alcohol you drink.

Have a healthy diet

Your diet has a powerful effect on your health, including your chance of getting cancer. Limiting your intake of foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat while increasing your consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and pulses can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of cancer.

Avoid smoking or using tobacco products

Cigarette smoking kills up to half of long-term users. Not only it is the single biggest risk factor for lung cancer but tobacco use is also linked to various other cancers and threats to our health. If you smoke, deciding to quit could save your life.

Advice for women

Women who breastfeed their babies for prolonged periods have a lower risk of developing breast cancer in later life than comparable women who do not breastfeed.  If you can, breastfeed your baby.

Use of hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of cancers of the breast, endometrium and ovary, as well as several non-cancer adverse health outcomes. If possible you should avoid or limit the use of hormone replacement therapy. Get consultation from the Best Surgical oncologist in Chennai by contacting us