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Alarming rise in incidence of Ovarian Cancer globally

Alarming rise in incidence of Ovarian Cancer globally

September 28, 2019

In 2018, 4.4% of entire cancer-related mortality among women was attributed to ovarian cancer. This data depicts the increase risk factor of ovarian cancer and as the seventh most common among women. Although the high Human Development Index (HDI) countries reflect a higher ratio of cancer, the mortality rate shows a reversing trend. Although genetics factor plays a major role in the occurrence of ovarian cancer, the list of factors which contribute are versatile. Oral contraceptive pills, pregnancy and lactation, could help to shred down the risk of this disease.

It predicted that ovarian cancer incidence would rise by nearly 55 percent in the next 20 years unless urgent action is taken.

In terms of gynaecological cancers, cervical cancer shows the most substantial contribution (developing countries) and endometrial cancer (more developed countries).

Although the survival rates for ovarian cancer decreasing but with respect to cervical or endometrial cancers are still alarming, this highlights the need for improvements

Ovarian cancer continues to have the lowest survival prospects of all female cancers, with five-year survival rates ranging between 30 per cent and 50 per cent. By comparison, more than 80 per cent of women with breast cancer will survive for five years or more in many countries.

With the increase in urbanization and countries are developed, shows a rise in ovarian cancer. This puts lights on the three factors which lead to cancer. (environmental factor, increased longevity and population.) This concludes that ovarian cancer is more alarming in developed countries than in developing countries.

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