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September 28, 2019

Number of people affected by anyone among 36 types of cancers in 185 countries monitored by GLOBOCAN. They provide a database (A part of IARC’s Global Cancer Observatory) which estimates the incidence and mortality.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) approximates the occurrence of cancer in an individual throughout their lifetime which shows 1:5 for men and 1:6 for women, and that the death rate for men is 1:8 and for women is 1:11.

Along with social and economic development linked to the cancer risk factors also a growing and ageing global population, there are many other factors which contribute to the rise in cancer cases.  The data indicates that the occurrence of cancer is linked with the lifestyles in industrialized countries.

There have been efforts made to shred down the rate of occurrence of cancer. For example, lower lung cancer affecting men in North America and Northern Europe, or cervical cancer across most regions excluding Sub-Saharan Africa compared to 2012 data.

Besides efforts made to prevent cancer occurrence, some of the countries show an overall increase in the number of cancer cases. Of these new cancer case, 50% contribution comes from Asian countries. The study depicts that Africa and Asia contribute to the highest cancer death rates (57.3% and 7.3% respectively) as compared to their occurrence (48.4% and 5.8% respectively). Poorer prognosis, along with limited access to timely diagnosis and treatment, could be the two main factors responsible, as suggested by IARC.

As per 2018 data countries with a lowe or medium Human Development Index (HDI) have 2-3 times lower cancer occurrence than those with higher HDI. Compared to the 2012 data, the leading cancers have changed globally.

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