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June 26, 2019

Worldwide there are many people diagnosed with Cancer though it is preventable. The lifestyle factors include smoking, diet, alcohol, exposure to sun, environmental pollution, infection, stress, obesity and physical inactivity. Smoking is the primary cause of cancer and exposure to sunlight or some UV rays may or may not cause cancer.

According to the statistics, 33% of the cancer diagnoses are caused by tobacco use, 20% are caused as individuals are obese or overweight, 16% are related to the infection with one of the cancer-causing pathogens, 5% are related to the individuals getting insufficient physical activity, another 5% are also related to poor dietary habits and the rest 2% are as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning devices.

A diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, spices and grains has the potential to prevent cancer. One should avoid the use of tobacco, smoking or any other related substance which may lead to cancer. Excess sunlight also can be avoided by decreasing exposure to sun or by applying sunscreen lotions. Bacteria or pathogens are difficult to avoid as one may not know if they are cancer causing agents and where they come from. The people who work with radiation such as Chemical Workers, X-ray technicians etc., should follow all safety measures to prevent cancer. They should also minimize the exposure to these substances. If you want to know more about preventing cancer, Get consultation from the Best Surgical oncologist in Chennai by contacting us

A proper Balanced Diet and good amount of physical activity will not only protect against cancer but also keep an individual fit and healthy.

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