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October 8, 2019

Among all the different types of cancers, breast cancers rise and death rates are alarming in India irrespective of their religion, gender or age. Indian population contributes more of the younger group and hence breast cancer compromises of a higher rate of detection in younger age groups. As per the current situation, every two women having breast cancer, one dies.

Breast cancer scenario is different in India compared to the West. Most of the detected cases are already in their advanced stage. It is predicted that breast cancer death will be highest than any other cancer in India by 2030. This data comes from different non-government and government bodies.

The only way to defend breast cancer is by understanding it and preventing it. There are certain factors which can alter the rate of breast cancer. Research says that two hormones, namely, progesterone and estrogen can be responsible for the development of the cancerous tumour.

The current Indian habitat and adaption consist of polluted food, air, carcinogenic chemicals and unhealthy lifestyles. The only to prevent the significant mass from being affected by breast cancer and other cancers is awareness and precautionary measures to avoid it. Education the women about the detection of breast cancer in the early stages and different diagnosis are the available methods.

Since is there is no cure for sure, the only remedy we have is Breast Awareness.

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