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Global Teal Talk Day (September 23) – “Raise awareness on Ovarian Cancer”

Global Teal Talk Day (September 23) – “Raise awareness on Ovarian Cancer”

September 28, 2019

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and Monday is specifically called Global Teal Talk Day. The day is meant to bring awareness to ovarian cancer.

One in 78 women develops ovarian cancer in their lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society. The teal talk is to help educate people about the signs of ovarian cancer and to promote early detection.

According to the American Cancer Society, some symptoms of ovarian cancer are bloating, pelvic pain, and feeling an urgency to urinate.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer include bloating, pressure, and pain in the stomach, fatigue, feeling overly full after eating a healthy meal, frequent bathroom trips, constipation, back pain, and irregularities in menstruation. As you can see, these symptoms get shared with many other health issues. It would be good to get medical advice and some diagnostic check-ups if you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms.

Knowing the signs of ovarian cancer is essential because there is no reliable routine screening for ovarian cancer.

Horne says although there is no routine screening for ovarian cancer, every woman should visit her gynaecologist for an annual appointment.

As said “knowledge is power” and “prevention is better than cure” lets spread awareness and knowledge to empower women and families. This can Help save a life!

This is the motivation for Global Teal Talk day which helps women’s and families to come forward and raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

It’s your turn to come forward in the light and Be the voice, Ovarian Cancer is silent, but we can help prevent it.

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